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Monoxide detection centres for control of ventilation in car parks

In order to fulfil Royal Decree 2367/1985 and the Technical Building Code. The Carbon Monoxide detection centres have been designed for application in underground car parks, tunnels or other locations where dangerous concentrations of CO might accumulate.
The system consists of the installation of a centre of 1 to 3 modules of areas with indicator display and each module permits connection of up to 32 detectors connected with two wires, with a maximum distance to the final detector of 2 kilometres The detectors may be distributed over 2000 metres in length and each detector covers a maximum of 200m2 of area as is defined in the current regulations.
Through the optional FM-TC500 card it is possible to control a series RFM or RFT speed regulator, with the aim of reducing the energy consumption and the acoustic level of the extractors.
These systems involve a significant energy saving.
- System certified according to standard 23300/84.
- Certification LOM 09MOGA3054.
- Modular and extensible centre.
- Up to 19000 m2 of management.
- Versions of 1, 2, and 3 modules of areas.
- Indication of the concentration per area.
- 2 outlets of relays of extraction per area.
- 1 outlet of relay of alarm per area.
- Up to 32 detectors per area.
- Connection of the detectors to 2 wires.
- Mode of operation for low consumption.
- Option of Control by Speed Varier to reduce energy consumption and the sound level.
- Option of remote control of the system and integration with systems of energy analysis.

CENTRES: Series FMC-C-501/502/503
- For 1, 2 or 3 areas depending on model
- Supplied voltage: 90 ~264VAC
- Power: 45 W
- Zone extension module FM-M-509
- Wiring of the area: 2 wires
- Maximum distance from the area line: 2 km. with 1.5 mm2 cable
- No. detectors per area: 32 detectors

CO Detector: Series FM-DP500/FM-D500
- Wall or ceiling mounted CO Detector according to model
- Technology: Electrochemical cell
- Useable lifetime: 5 years
- Resolution: 1 ppm
- Reaction time: 10 seconds
- Storage temperature: -10ºC. to +80ºC.
- Working area: 200m2 limited by regulation
- IP Index from FM-D500: IP20
- IP Index from FM-DP500: IP 54

Control card per varier. Series FM-TC500
- Module with PWM outlets which makes it possible to attack the extraction motors by means of speed regulators (energy saving).
- Communications module to carry out actions of tele-maintenance and tele-management.
- Open communications protocol for integration with other systems.