Ventilation Solutions

Recessed air curtains for commercial doors with a height of up to 6 m

Special design for installing the air curtain in technical ceilings with an inlet-impulsion grille that requires little maintenance.

- Metal structure coated with RAL-9010 polyester paint.
- Widths of 1. 1.5. 2 and 2.5 m.
- Horizontal installation.
- Impulsion grille with adjustable inclination.
- EMP-B: Door height up to 5 metres.
- EMP-C: Door height up to 6 metres.

Battery version:
- S: Environmental. Air recirculation.
- E: Electric. Electric coil control with up to 2 phases.
- V: Water. Hot water coils. For a maximum temperature of 100°C and a pressure of 16 bar.

- 3 speed for flow rate adjustment.

Control version:
- BASIC: Manual selector switch for attachment to wall.

On request:
- Curtains with “SLAVE” COMFORT control only for interconnecting up to 10 “SLAVE”curtains to a main “MASTER” curtain.
- Supports for attachment to wall. Ref: VCS4-KONZ-STE.
- Supports for attachment to ceiling. Ref: VCS4-KONZ-STR.
- COMFORT-MASTER control: Advanced digital touch selector switch for attachment to wall. On request.