Ventilation Solutions

ATEX-certified tubular axial extractor fans with external motors

Belt-driven tubular axial extractor fans with casing aperture up to 180º for working in explosive atmospheres.

- Tubular casing made of sheet steel with aluminium strip in rotor zone. in accordance with standard EN-14986.
- Cast aluminium rotors.
- Copper-boated belt and pulley protector to prevent sparking.
- Sealed transmission unit (IP66) with double retention system.
- Airflow direction from motor to impeller.
- Temperature of the air to be carried -20ºC +120ºC.

- ATEX-certified. class F. Ex “e” explosion-proof. Ex “d”. Ex tc or Ex tb non-sparking motors with ball bearings and IP55 protection.
- Three-phase 230/400V-50Hz (up to 4 kW) and 400/690V-50Hz (powers higher than 4 kW).

- ATEX corrosion-proof. with nonferric paint finish of polyester resin polymerised at 190ºC. previously degreased with phosphate-free nanotechnological treatment.

On request:
- Motors with built-in PTC.
- Special windings for different voltages and frequencies.
- ATEX construction for different categories.
- Extractor fans with 2-speed motors.
- Ex “nA” version fitted with ATEX Ex nA motors.