Ventilation Solutions

Fans designed with the best technology and experience to withstand extreme working conditions in kilns. drying barns and other applications with high temperatures and humidity

- Large thickness. tubular sheet steel casing with rotating cover.
- Cast aluminium impellers.
- High quality ball bearings. greased for high temperatures
- Ball bearing support with greasers
- External greasers in fan casing.
- Airflow direction from motor to impeller.
- Maximum temperature of air to be carried: -25ºC+120ºC.

- IE3 efficiency motors for powers equal to or higher than 0.75kW except single-phase. 2-speed and 8-pole.
- Class F motors with ball bearings and IP55 protection.
- Single-phase 230V-50Hz and three-phase 230/400V-50Hz (up to 4kW) and 400/690V-50Hz (powers higher than 4kW).

- Heat-resistant anti-corrosive paint.

On request:
- Airflow direction from impeller to motor.
- 100% reversible impellers.
- Special windings for different voltages.
- Category 2 ATEX certification (HPX/ATEX series version).