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Pressurisation equipment for evacuation routes, designed according to the European standard EN 12101-6

Fire evacutaion route pressurisation systems designed in accordance with the European standard EN 12101-6. The KIT BOXPDS automatically regulates the airflow and is able to maintain the 50 Pa of overpressure even in the presence of leaks in the installation. The system is able to maintain the overpressure (Pressure criteria) and reach the 90% of the required flow rate within 3 seconds after opening or closing a door (Airflow criteria).

Including test certification for dynamic performance, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental resistance and IP protection degree.

Utility model: ES 1 226 660 U.

• Consists of the BOXPDS control panel, external control panel, a CJHCH ventilation unit and a DAMPER BOX with built-in optical smoke detector.

• Variable frequency drive.
• High precision differential pressure probe.
• Electrical panel with magneto thermal protections and general power supply failure indication.
• Electronic control for alarm management, maintenance, ModBUS RTU and TCP port for connection to BMS (Building Management Systems) and control by DAMPER BOX.
• Certified power supply with batteries to ensure power supply to control equipment in the event of a power failure.
• Includes time programming to activate daily ventilation.

Control panel:
• External control panel with touch screen for real time pressure display, system configuration and calibration, status lights and manual system activation.
• Auto-Manual-Off selector.
• Fire alarm reset selector.
• Test selector.

On request:
• Automatic switching system for backup fan (see KIT BOXPDS II series).