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Pressurization Systems for Stairs, Lobbies and Escape Routes

Technical datasheet
Pressurisation equipment for lobbies, compliant with DM 30/11/1983 and the European Standard EN 12101-6

The PRESSKIT equipment is comprised of one or more fans. In the case of fire they are activated to exert an overpressure of 50Pa in safe zones and to prevent the entry of smoke in escape routes for the evacuation of people.

Common features:
• Self-regulation of pressure throughout the lobby.
• EC brushless fans 24V DC with a maximum flow of 2100m³/h.
• Maintain an overpressure of 50Pa in hallways.

• S models: simplified regulation of the ventilation unit by means of a pressure probe with incorporated PID signal regulator.
• P models: PLC control with multiple inputs, outputs, alarms and fan regulation through PID signal.
• Power panel with autonomy of more than 2 hours using 18Ah batteries.
• Easy connection of equipment.
• Quick configuration and adjustment of all parameters through LCD screen and keyboard.
• MANUAL system activation button.
• Real time visualization of the pressure of the safe zone and the status of the equipment.
• Control panel of the system by means of a PLC of reduced size and easy installation. 230V AC power.
• Open door detection digital input.
• Digital outputs indicating activated fire alarm. By visual and acoustic indicator in intermittent mode with configurable times.
• Configurable connection delay times in the event of fire alarm detection and open fire doors.
• Manual system activation button.
• Visualization of pressure in Pa in real time. Status indication of the STANDBY/PRESSURIZING equipment.
• Possibility of controlling 2 fans with a single panel and power supply. (PRESSKIT TWIN).
• Key lock.

• Wall fan for 310 mm diameter ducts.
• Lifespan in continuous work of more than 20,000 hours.
• Impeller made of painted sheet steel.
• Anti-contact protection grid.

• Preset differential pressure sensor of 0-100 Pa.
• LCD screen.
• High precision calibrated analog sensor.