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Technical datasheet
Chimney extract fan and cap for hybrid extraction in community housing

• Specially designed, for the extraction of air in single family or community homes, through chimneys. It allows to maintain an aesthetic and uniform design throughout the house.
• Venturi version for natural extraction only, without extractor.
• The lightness of aluminum allows for quick and easy installation on the roof.

• Made of pre-lacquered black aluminium that cannot be altered by atmospheric elements.
• Perfectly designed slats to obtain a high-performance venturi effect.
• Supply voltage at 230V AC 50Hz.

• BASIC: works with a switch or SI-VENT wind controller.
• VENTURI: natural operation without extractor due to venturi effect.
• TEMPERATURE: Designed for the extraction of air in homes and barbecues with a maximum temperature of 150 ºC.

On request:
• Measures adapted to any fireplace.