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In-line Duct Fans

In-line duct fans, self-running, low noise and constant pressure control

• Acoustic casing covered with sound absorbing material.
• All models equipped with a backward curved impeller
• Standardised inlet and outlet flanges allowing for easy installation in ducts.
• Fitted with a folding inspection hatch.
• Support feet integrated into the box which facilitates its assembly.
• Linear airflow direction.

• Single-phase 200-240V 50/60 Hz, IP54 protection. Except SVE/PLUS/EW-400/H model, 200-277 V 50/60 Hz. IP55 protection.
• Maximum temperature of air to be carried: ‐25 ºC to +60 ºC. Except model SVE/PLUS/EW‐200/H, ‐25 ºC to +45 ºC.
• High efficiency external EC Technology motors.

CPC control:
• Equipment preconfigured in constant pressure mode with 100 Pa setpoint.
• Possibility of adjustments to other pressures.
• Possibility of work at constant flow. Except models 100,125,150 and 160.
• Plug & Play system for easy installation.
• Programming range from 0 to 2500Pa.
• On-off switch with built-in safety locking system.
• Single-phase 230V AC and three-phase 380V AC power versions.
• IP55 protection.

• Anti-corrosive in galvanized steel sheet.