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Recuperatori di Calore

High efficiency heat recovery units with counter flow plate exchanger, automatic control and EC Technology motors, for installation in false ceiling

Common features:
• EC type Plug Fan adjustable 0-10 V.
• Built-in maintenance disconnector switch.
• Thermal efficiency of the equipment 85-90%.
• Structure with high quality reinforced aluminum profiles.
• 25 mm thermal and acoustic insulation panels, exterior in pre-lacquered sheet.
• XPS type panels with thermal bridge break.
• High efficiency filtration:
• M6+F8.
• F7 + F9.
• Broad access for maintenance.
• Free cooling with motorized damper to perform BY-PASS.
• Condensation collection tray and drain.

Built-in control box:
• Control for free cooling through motorized BY-PASS.
• Fan speed control by manual selection or by optional external sensors (CO2 or pressure).
• Integrated control system with remote control panel.
• STOP/START and speed control available through control panel or external contacts.
• Built-in temperature and humidity sensors.
• Filters condition check by means of built-in pressure switches.
• Fault alarm management and shutdown due to fire alarm.
• Compatible with MODBUS RTU.

• Structure in aluminum profiles and pre-lacquered outer sheet.
• 25 mm thermal and acoustic insulation panels.
• Low profile models for false ceiling installation.
• Interchangeable nozzles for better adaptation.

On request:
• External battery modules for air treatment.
• Filters with special efficiencies.
• Modules with UVc germicidal chamber.