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High efficiency single zone heat recovery ventilators for domestic installations

Designed to renew the air inside the home while minimising energy loss, and to supply clean air, due to their filters, which prevent particles entering from outside.

• Reversible EC fan.
• Thermal efficiency of up to 90%.
• Equipped with G3 Filters.
• Compact ceramic heat exchanger.
• Easy installation. Adaptable to various wall thicknesses thanks to its telescopic duct.
• Automatic air intake grille. In the OFF position it remains closed to avoid air leaks.
• In heat recovery mode, the supply and extraction cycle takes 70 seconds.
• Duct length from 120 mm to 470 mm.

• Control panel built into the system.
• Remote control.
• Extraction position. Blow or heat recovery.
• Two speeds.
• Humidity control.
• Natural mode. Inlet grille open and fan stopped.
• Possibility of connecting several computers in a network.

• Supply voltage from 100V to 230V 50/60Hz.
• Built-in power cable.