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Ceiling units for purifying and disinfecting air using HEPA H14 filtration

Ceiling units for purifying and disinfecting air, equipped with HEPA H14 filters and Plug Fans, with AC or EC Technology motors, depending on model, and with optional UVc germicidal chambers. These units have been especially designed to be installed above false ceilings in high occupancy areas.

• Structure designed for installation above false ceilings.
• Washable pre-filter.
• HEPA type filters with a filtration efficiency of 99.99%.
• UVc germicidal chamber, depending on model.
• Plug Fan with AC or EC Technology, depending on model.
• Backward curved impeller.
• Inspection cover for filter maintenance and replacement.
• Low noise levels.

• EC version: High efficiency external rotor EC Technology motors, adjustable via 0-10 V signal.
• AC version: External rotor motors with built-in thermal guard, class F, with ball bearings, IP54 protection.

• Anti-corrosive finish in polyester resin, polymerised at 190 ºC, after degreasing with phosphate-free nanotechnology treatment.
• RAL 9003 supplied as standard.

On request:
• Any other RAL can be supplied.