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Basic Pressurisation Systems

Control panel for a fan

The BOXPRES PLUS control panel includes:
• Variable frequency drive programmed at 50 Pa and highly accurate differential pressure probe.
• External connection for the control panel to be used exclusively by firefighters.
• Magnetic thermal switch.
• Status indicator lamp: Ready, Alarm, Fire and Run.
• Built-in control panel with TEST selector for maintenance and selector to be used exclusively by firefighters 0-AUTO-MANUAL.
• Operating procedures in safe mode in the case of failure of the differential pressure probe and automatic reset of the system in case of failure.
• Connection of status signals using free power contacts (FAULT, START and FIRE ACTIVATION) and connection to BMS systems via RTU Modbus for monitoring the equipment.
• Remains operational once activated by the fire alarm, even when the activation signal is interrupted.
• Metal casing with lock with key and with IP66 protection.
• Capable of managing asynchronous motors, IPM or RM.
• Ready to operate and perform its function of pressure control.
• Only the power supply, the impulsion fan and the fire signal need to be connected.
• Different input voltage ranges and power on demand.