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Sensors and Controls for EC motors

Intelligent control for the regulation of equipment with EC Technology fans prepared for external air quality probes

Intelligent control designed for automatic or manual operation of EC Technology fans.

Characteristics of the main unit:
• LCD display with LED Backlight.
• Manual set point regulation 0-10 V.
• Automatic regulation 0-10 V set point according to probe reading.
• Built-in temperature and humidity sensors.
• Remote safety stop.
• Disinfection system ON/OFF.
• Filter maintenance alarm.
• Disinfection system maintenance alarm.
• Time programming.
• Modbus RTU communications channel.
• Mounted on the wall or on the fan itself.
• Power supply 230 V 50 Hz.
• Inputs:
• 2 analogue inputs 0-10 V for PM2.5 sensors, VOC or CO₂.
• 1 input for filter status pressure switch voltage-free contact.
• 1 input for remote stop voltage-free contact.
• Outputs:
• 1 output 0-10 V regulation of EC Technology motor.
• 1 disinfection system actuation voltage-free contact.

Intelligent sensors:
• LED air status indicator.
• Wall-mounted.
• Power supply 230 V 50 Hz.
• Available options:
• SI-PM2.5+VOC: For air recirculating installations.
• SI-CO2+VOC: For air renewal installations.