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EC Technology Roof Mounted Extractor Fans

Extract fans with automatic operation, vertical air outlet, EC Technology motor and constant pressure control for homes

• Extraction units with vertical drive and two circular extraction mouths.
• Galvanised steel sheet casing.
• Forward curved impeller in galvanised sheet steel.
• Single-phase electronic speed drive (VSD), included with the fan.

• New high-efficiency synchronous EC motors (IE4). Equipped with high intensity neodymium magnets.
• High reliability and maintenance free sensorless control.
• Fitted with long-life ball bearings.
• IP55 protection.
• Fan working temperature: -25 ºC +60 ºC.
• CJV/EW-1800/T: Fan operating temperature: S1 -25ºC +60 ºC continuous operation. 400ºC/2h S2 operation.
• Approved in accordance with standard EN 12101-3.

Electronic speed drive:
• Speed ​​adjusted according to pressure setpoint.
• Automatic PI control built into the variable speed drive and differential pressure sensor.
• Drive parameters easily configurable through display and keypad.
• Supplied with safety ON/OFF switch, fully wired and ready to be installed.
• Available with single-phase input 220-240 V 50/60 Hz.
• Working temperature (VSD): -25 ºC + 50 ºC.

• Galvanised steel sheet prepared to be installed outdoors.

On request:
• Fan with horizontal outlet.