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Sensors and Controls for EC motors

Automatic regulation and control panel for ventilation systems with EC Technology motors

Control panel for ventilation systems with EC Technology motors with the electronics integrated in the motor itself. The EC CONTROL system incorporates all the necessary functions for the automatic regulation of the VMC controlled mechanical ventilation system, adjusting the fan speed parameters according to the desired air renewal and air quality parameters.

Easy system configuration via pushbutton control panel and LCD screen or via USB port using our free Sodeca CPC Utility software.
Equipment preconfigured in constant pressure mode with 100 Pa set point.

The EC CONTROL panel includes:
• Built-in high precision differential pressure sensor.
• LCD screen and controls for programming all functions.
• Modbus RTU connection for BMS systems.
• USB port for quick configuration via PC.
• Configurable 0-10 V and 4-20 mA analog inputs for connection of external sensors: ºC, VOC, CO, Humidity ...
• Casing with IP54 protection rating.
• Working temperature range -10 ºC +50 ºC.
• Power supply 230 VAC 50/60 Hz.
• Digital inputs to activate and stop the system and DAY / NIGHT function.
• Potential free relay outputs: run and fault.

Control modes:
• CPC: Constant pressure control.
• CFC: Constant flow control.
• DAY/NIGHT: Double pressure setpoint adjustment according to time of day.
• External sensor: Compatible with temperature, humidity, air quality or CO₂ sensor.