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Basic Pressurisation Systems

Pressurisation system for stairs or evacuation routes. Maintains a differential pressure of 50 Pa in a single stage, designed according to the European standard EN 12101-6

The correct operation of the pressurisation systems depends not only on their sound design, but also on the correct regulation performed by the system. For this reason, it is extremely important to have calibrated, high precision regulation elements that will permit both situations present in the event of a fire to be maintained simultaneously, quickly and stably.

• Staircase overpressure kit comprised of a control panel (BOXPRES PLUS) and an impulsion unit (CJHCH or CJBD), for pressurising staircases and evacuation routes.

• Overpressure kit with standby fan comprised of a control panel (BOXPRES PLUS II) with a built-in automatic switching system that maintains the overpressure in the event of the main fan failure.

CM-SMART External control panel for firefighters
• The CM-SMART indicates the system status and provides firefighters with the option of manually turning the system on or off via its selector switch. We recommend that this panel be installed at the main entry point to the protected area.
• This unit is not included in the KIT BOXPRES PLUS.
• The BOXPRES PLUS and BOXPRES PLUS II models are compatible with CM-SMART.