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Basic Pressurisation Systems

Pressurisation system for stairs or evacuation routes. Maintains a differential pressure of 50 Pa in a single stage, designed according to the European standard EN 12101-6

• Staircase overpressure kit, consisting of a control panel (BOXPRES KIT) and drive units (CJHCH or CJBD), for pressurizing stairways and evacuation routes. Also available for single phase equipment.

• Overpressure kit with standby fan comprised of a control panel (BOXPRES KIT II) with a built-in automatic switching system that maintains the overpressure in the event of a failure in the main fan and air impulsion units with a back-up fan.
• The BOXPRES control panel not only complies with the strictest requirements, it simplifies the work for the installer.

It includes:
• Variable frequency drive programmed at 50 Pa.
• Differential pressure probe.
• Magnetic thermal switch.
• Line and fault LEDs.
• Check button.

BOXPRES is a control box with all its connections made and tested. Ready to operate and perform its function on the control of the installation pressure. Possibility of checking the installation to avoid failures. Only the power line, the supply fan and the fire signal should be connected.

The single-phase panels include:
• Voltage regulator programmed at 50 Pa.
• Differential pressure probe external to the equipment.