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Air quality monitor to ensure correct ventilation in enclosed spaces

Air quality monitor with real time cloud monitoring and air status and ventilation recommendation indicator lamp.

• Temperature.
• Humidity.
• Suspended particulate matter PM2.5
• CO₂.

My Inbiot platform:
• Free and unlimited service.
• Simple and intuitive interface.
• Online access from any device.
• Online storage and data download.
• Personalised information and improvement recommendations.

Installation and maintenance:
• Self-installable equipment.
• Easy installation and set-up guide.
• Remote assistance.
• Maintenance free, self-calibrating sensors.
• Wall-mounted.

Data displayed on screen:
• Viral transmission probability indicator lamp.
• Data displayed on information screens for public spaces.
• Option of integration on the platform via a public API.

On request:
• Desktop equipment MICA-LITE/T.
Technical datasheet