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Вентиляторы дымоудаления 400°C/2ч - 300°C/2ч
Pressurisation Systems for Staircases, Fire-fighting Lobbies and Escape Routes
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Вентиляция для жилых помещений

Household extractor fans with a modern appearance and design

- Elegant, aerodynamic design.
- Architectural integration with the bathroom elements.
- Ultra-silent.
- High performance.
- Can be easily and quickly installed.

- Front with a matte aluminium finish.
- Made of high quality ABS plastic material.
- IP34 protection.

- Single-phase 220/240V-50/60 Hz, except model 150, with 220/240V-50 Hz.
- High efficiency motor.
- Designed for continuous operation and requires no maintenance.
- Motor fitted with thermal protection.

- BASIC: operates with a light switch or a separate switch.
- TIMER: Operates with an adjustable electronic timer.