Rozwiązania Dla Wentylacji

Hatch fans
Ekstraktory linowe dla przewodów
Wentylatory Spiralne
Wentylatory odśrodkowe
Fans for Ovens
Ekstr. wyprowadzania dymu 400ºC/2h - 300ºC/2h
Pressurisation Systems for Staircases, Fire-fighting Lobbies and Escape Routes
Ekstr. obszarów wybuchowych ATEX
Heavy Duty Fans for Industrial Applications
Ekstraktory Dachowe
E.C. Technology and Efficient Fans
Wentylacja dla lokali mieszkalnych
Rekuperator Ciepła
Jednostki Filtracyjne
Kurtyny powietrzne

Ekstraktory linowe dla przewodów

Pliki do pobrania:
Nota techniczna
Low-noise, in-line duct extractor fans for automatic operation mounted inside a 40 mm phonoabsorbent acoustic insulated casing, with constant pressure control

• Acoustic casing coated with phonoabsorbent material.
• All models fitted with a reaction impeller.
• Standardised inlet and impulsion flanges allowing for easy installation in ducts.
• Fitted with a folding inspection cover.
• Support feet built into the box, for easy installation.
• Linear airflow direction.

• Single-phase 200-240 V 50/60 Hz, IP54 protection. Except model SVE/PLUS/EW-400/H, 200-277 V 50/60 Hz, IP55 protection.
• Maximum temperature of air to be carried: ‐25 °C +60 °C. Except model SVE/PLUS/EW-200/H, ‐25 °C +45 °C.
• External E.C. Technology rotor motors with high efficiency.

CPC control:
• Equipment preconfigured in constant pressure mode with 100 Pa setpoint.
• Possibility of adjustment to other pressures.
• Possibility of working with a constant flow rate.
• Plug&Play system for easy installation.
• Programming range from 0 to 2500 Pa.
• On-off switch with built-in safety locking system.
• 230 V AC single-phase and 380 V AC three-phase power versions.
• IP55 protection.

• Anti-corrosive finish on galvanised sheet steel.