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Wentylatory EC i wysokiej wydajności

Mobile air purifying units with high-efficiency electrostatic filters. For use in applications with greasy particles

Air purifier units with high efficiency electrostatic filters, specifically designed for cleaning and purifying indoor areas where large amounts of grease or suspended particulate matter can be present.

• 40 mm aluminium profile structure.
• Wheel kit.
• Plug & Play system with integrated control.
• Adjustable filter change alarm.
• Covers with a high quality, 25 mm thick acoustic casing made of prefinished sheet.
• Backward curved impeller.
• Washable pre-filter.
• High efficiency (95% ePM1) electrostatic filter device with built-in thermal sensor.
• Additional active carbon filter stage.
• Inspection cover for filter maintenance and replacement.
• Grease-collection tray.

• High efficiency EC Technology motors, outer rotor adjustable via 0-10 V signal.
• Single-phase 200-240 V 50/60 Hz and three-phase 380-480 V 50/60 Hz.
• Working temperature: -25 ºC +60 ºC.

• Structure of anodised aluminium profiles and pre-lacquered sheet metal with 25 mm thermal and acoustic insulation panels.

On request:
• Negative ion ioniser.
• Particulate matter sensor for automatic control SI-PM2.5+VOC or SI-CO2+VOC.