Soluții de ventilare

Ventilatoare tip hatch
Ventilatoare in linie de tubulatura
Ventilatoare Axiale
Ventilatoare Centrifugale
Ventilatoare de Desfumare ce Rezista la 400 ºC/2h - 300 ºC/2h
Sisteme de presurizare
Ventilatoare ATEX pentru medii explozive
Ventilatoare pentru cuptoare
Ventilatoare pentru aplicatii industriale
Ventilatoare de Acoperis
Ventilatoare eficiente si cu tehnologie EC
Unitati de tratare aer
Ventilatie pentru locuinte
Perdele de Aer

Ventilatie pentru locuinte

Household extractor fans with a modern appearance and design

• Elegant and streamlined design.
• Architectural integration with the bathroom elements.
• Ultra-silent.
• High performance.
• Can be easily and quickly installed.

• Front finished in matt aluminum.
• Made of high quality ABS plastic material.
• IP34 protection.

• Single-phase 220-240V 50/60 Hz, except model 150, 220-240V 50 Hz.
• High efficiency motor.
• Designed for continuous operation and requires no maintenance.
• Motor equipped with thermal protector.

• BASIC: works with the light switch or independently
• TIMER: works with an adjustable electronic timer.
Efficiency report