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Ventilatoare axiale robuste

Hot dip galvanised tubular fans

Tubular axial fans designed with four support arms to reduce vibrations and equipped with low consumption aerodynamic aluminum propeller.

• Airflow direction from motor to impeller.
• AL version rotors made of cast aluminium.
• Support ring in sheet steel with double flange and cable glands for motor supply.
• Hot dip galvanised tubular sheet steel casing.

• Motors with IE3 efficiency for powers equal to or greater than 0.75kW, except single-phase, 2-speed and 8-pole.
• Class F motors with ball bearings and IP55 protection.
• Three-phase 230/400 V 50 Hz (up to 4 kW) and 400/690 V 50 Hz (powers greater than 4 kW).
• Working temperature: -25ºC +50 ºC.

• Hot dip galvanized

On request:
• Airflow direction from impeller to motor.
• Fibreglass reinforced polyamide PL version impellers.
• 100% reversible impellers.
• Special windings for different voltages.
• ATEX certified Category 2.