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Hatch fans

Fisa tehnica
Dynamic wall-mount axial extract fans fi tted with motorised hatch

Wall-mounted axial fans with an impeller made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic and a motorised opening function. Suitable for installation in industrial or commercial buildings. Can be used for ambient ventilation.

- An extremely robust structure that is able to withstand severe weather changes.
- Equipment structure made of anti-corrosive galvanised sheet steel.
- Water-tight design to prevent water entry.
- Heat insulation of 60 mm to prevent hot air loss in the winter.
- The wall mount bracket and helical ring support stand permit allow for correct, easy installation.
- Limit switch.
- Sheet steel support base.
- Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide-6 impeller.
- Anti-contact protective grille pursuant to standard UNE-EN ISO 12499.
- In the 71 models, the protective grille is supplied as an accessory.
- Airflow direction from motor to impeller.

- IE3 efficiency motors for powers equal to or greater than 0.75kW except single-phase, 2-speed and 8-pole.
- Class F motors with ball bearings and IP55 protection.
- Single-phase 230V-50Hz and three-phase 230/400V-50Hz (up to 4kW) and 400/690V 50Hz (powers greater than 4kW).
- Operating temperature: -25°C +60°C.

- Anti-corrosive finish on galvanised sheet steel.

Available versions:
- AI: Hatch attached at the top part, motor-impeller air direction for air extract from premises.
- AA: Hatch attached at the top part, impeller-motor air direction for air entry to premises.

On request:
- Anti-corrosive paint finish, in the colour requested by the client.
- Motorised opening arms with supply voltage of 24V. DC